How to Update WordPress Theme (third party themes)

Posted by on December 30, 2019

If you have a third party theme like Flatsome, Shopkeeper, Empire, Avada or Enfold or any other theme this video will show you how to update your wordpress theme.

LINK TO OUR LATEST video on how to make a wordpress website for free 2018


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4 comments on "How to Update WordPress Theme (third party themes)"

Thank you greatly! Watched a few videos on this subject and yours was by far the most helpful and the fastest!


Hello, i downloaded the shopkeeper theme from your 2016 tutorial which of course is outdated I have to re-download the theme in wordpress in order to follow these steps and have it updated?


Does this affect the customisation already made to the theme? I'm worried i'll update and lose my entire website (i'm currently using the Flatsome theme)


Hi Mate , thanks for the tutorials . Please do you mind showing us how to put Instagram and Facebook feeds on the Ultra theme?


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