What the php.ini File Does

Posted by on December 29, 2019

The PHP.ini file is the settings file for your PHP program. This file allows you to control how PHP works.
The video talks about where you can find the php.ini file and gives examples of some very useful settings.

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4 comments on "What the php.ini File Does"

Thanks for the useful tutorial!!! Glad to find your video!!!
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Awesome explanation sir… You we be the great Teacher


Steve will you be covering some confusing but important topics as server V. document paths, include paths? for instance using: ini_get('include_path'); or get_include_path(); on my locally installed xampp server returns an include directory of:C:xamppphpPEAR. I've learned that PEAR was once used as extension manager, but largely outdated now. I've searched all around for solutions about how to bypass this from happening and there seems to be many ideas about it, but the only one that makes sense to me is to physically change it on the ini file. Do you concur? and if so what would my correct path be? My server path,I believe ut's called, is c:xampphtdocsmyphpfile.php where everything from myphp down is what I've labeled the directories dow to the working file. So I think htdocs is the generic to all paths: and it's the directory not included in my text editor, where myphp I believe would be called the document root: it's the upper most directory in my text editor. Bottom line I need to get rid of PEAR as the include path because there is no server path from it to my working file.


good overview of php.ini, thank you Steve


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